Rotaplast current Mission on Arusha – Tanzania June 07th -16th at Mount Meru Hospital in Arusha.

We, Innocent and Macarthur, are the current hosts and are processing this mission here in Arusha. We ask Rotaplast International to provide their free services of surgery to children with cleft lip and palate deformity in our local community. This kind of problem has shown up in this region around the mining construction areas. We therefore think it is a great opportunity to have Rotaplast International here in Arusha Tanzania for the first time to conduct this much needed mission.

Rotaplast was started in January of 1993 with an initial mission to Chile. Since that time they have done 198 missions to 24 different countries and operated on over 16,000 patients. Their main goal is to help children with cleft lip and palate deformity but they also do reconstruction for burns and other deformities.

The team consists of plastic Surgeons, Anesthesiologists, Pediatricians, Nurses, Dentists, Orthodontists, Speech Pathologists and non-medical Rotary volunteers. All their physicians are board certified and have expertise in taking care of children with cleft lip and palate deformity. The team’s composition varies depending on the needs at the local level.

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