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Zanzibar Tours

The islands of Zanzibar Archipelago serves as an example that Tanzania is not only limited to safari parks and wildlife travel. The serene beaches of Zanzibar coupled with a rich historical heritage often rise in prominence even above the offerings of the mainland itself.

Located 25 to 50 km off the coast of Tanzania, these are a beautiful collection of big and small islands. The total archipelago is about 40 km in width, and runs 100 km from north to south. Most part of the archipelago comes under the Zanzibar region which consists of two of the biggest islands in the territory, Unguja and Pemba. Of the two, Unguja (sometimes referred to as Zanzibar), is the most popular island. The beaches of Zanzibar are characterized by tall swaying palm trees, white sands, and clear turquoise blue water.

Stone Town and Spice Farms are also the main attraction of Zanzibar. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Stone Town has constructs and monuments from the colonial era and reminiscent of the slave trade that was going on during that epoch. Numerous European administrative buildings are still found when you stroll through it. Spices in large amount are cultivated in the island. Therefore a visit to these plantations is a core activity of Zanzibar Tours.

Fully capable of being a standalone tourist destination by itself, it is often added as a final destination after a tiring safari tour before leaving for their home. We, are providing competitively priced Zanzibar Tours all year around.

Signature Safari welcomes you to tropical island of Zanzibar. We organize Zanzibar Beach Holidays for a dream vacation. We believe our expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm for organizing travel to Tanzania is unrivalled. We want you to find planning your holiday an enjoyable experience and leave you excited about your forthcoming trip.