The East African country of Tanzania which is among the favourite destinations among tourist fraternity has a wide array of offerings ranging from national parks to sky-high mountains to serene beaches. In all of major tourist attraction, you’re invariably going to find hotels, lodges, resorts, or campsites which are both world class and run by hospitable set of people. Tanzania Accommodations can be just as exciting as the tour and destinations. Both our Tanzania Tours & Safaris itinerary and accommodation options are planned in such a way so as to suit the time and budget of each traveller.

In major cities like Arusha and Dar Es Salaam, you’ll find five-star rated hotels including international chains like Ramada and Hyatt. After arriving in Tanzania, you can book rooms over the counter or in advance over the internet. When you go into the safari parks, you have the flexibility of staying both inside of the park and outside. There are a number of campsites which carter to backpackers, but are also popular among luxury travellers particularly because of their closeness to the wildlife. Tanzania Luxury Lodges are strategically built in the best part of a Tanzania National Park where chance of spotting wildlife is the highest and there’s no crowd around.

Tented Lodges are another excellent staying option inside of the park. These are traditional hut like structure with all the modern amenities of a hotel.

Budget Camp Safaris are the best for the adventurous at heart and those desiring to feel close to nature/love outdoors. Travelling always brings a joy in one’s life, the indescribable feeling of discovering a new place, meeting new people, is anything but more exhilarating.

Signature Safari provides through its third party collaborations is able to competitively priced Tanzanian Accommodations based on your preference even during high season to give a unique lifetime experience.


Tanzania Luxury Lodge Accomodation

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Tanzania Tented Lodge Accomodation

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Tanzania Budget Camp Accomodation

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